27 amendments

Question Answer
Grand jury. Double jealousy. Due process. Eminent domain self- incrimination 5
Protection against unreasonable search and seizure 4
Government can't house soldiers without permission 3
Right to form militia and bare arms 2
Freedom of speech press petition religion assembly 1
Speedy and public trial. Impartial jury. Attorney 6
Right to a trial by jury 7
No excessive bail 8
You have other rights 9
Rights not given to federal government is given to states 10
Limits suits against states 11
Procedures for electing president and Vice President 12
Abolish slavery 13
Defines citizenship 14
Africans right to vote 15
Congress collect income tax 16
People directly vote senators 17
Prohibition 18
Women's right to vote 19
Inauguration 20
Repealed the 18th amendment(prohibition) 21
Term limits 22
Washington DC right to vote 23
Can't keep citizens from voting by using taxes(Poll taxes) 24
If president dies or is removed Vice President becomes presidentNew President pics Vice PresidentPresidents removal upon disabilities 25
Lowered voting age to 18 26
When congress vote to increase salary will start at beginning of the next year 27

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