Abrahamic Religions Vocabulary wards for abrahamic religions

Term Definition
New Testament The covenant between God and humans
Qur'an The sacred text of Islam dictated by Muhammad and given to him by Angel Gabriel
Imam The title for a Muslim religious leader or chief
Prophets A person who speaks for god
Holy Trinity The union of three persons
10 commandments The commandments engraved on stones
Sunnah The traditional portion of Muslim law
Makkah Also known as Mecca
Hadith A traditional account of things said or done by Muhammad or his companions
Parables A short story written by Gospels to teach some truth
Jihad A holy war
Caliph A spiritual leader of Islam
People of the Books Jews and Christians as regarded by Muslims
Torah A literature body of Jewish Religious teachings
Ramadan The ninth month of the Muslim Calendar
Missionary A person sent by a church to help a certain thing in an area
Diaspora The scattering of Jews after Babylonian captivity
Synagogue A Jewish house of Worship

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