Am Gov Quiz 4, 5 Government Review

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______________ establishes that free speech applies to state law but some things you just can't say Gitlow v. NY
__________ confirms that even controversial groups have a right to assemble Nazis v. Skokie
____________ protects a private group's right to assemble how they choose Boy Scouts v. Dale
________ applies the 2nd amendment to state laws ( protects you from your state) McDonald v. Chicago
________ keeps government from becoming " excessively entangled " with religious groups Lemon v. Kurtzman
_____________ interprets the 2nd amendment to protect the right to individual self defense D.C v. Heller
_______________ establishes that freedom of religion can be limited if the act is already illegal Reynolds v. U.S.
__________ establishes that laws can't specifically target a religious group Lukumi Babalu Aye v. Hialeah
__________ says that you have less free speech rights in school then out in public Tinker v. Des Moines
______________ . requires the police to use a specific warrant for a specific crime to search a property Mapp v. Ohio
_____________ allows a city to use eminent domain even for private developments Kelo v. New London
___________ keeps the prison system from executing minors ( under 18) Roper v. Simmons
_____________ guarantees that you hae a right to a lawyer even on the state level Gideon v. Wainwright
________ prevents the courts from execution mentally disabled offenders Darrell v. Attackson
_______ reaffirms that you don't have to give the police information that would help convict you Miranda v. Arizona
The freedom to celebrate your religion how you see fit is protected by the ____ amendment 1st
The freedom to use weapons to defend yourself is protected by the __________ amendment 2nd
The right to a speedy jury trial for criminal cases is protected by the ______ amendment 6th
The right to a speedy jury trial for civil cases ( lawsuits ) is protected by the ____ amendment 7th
The right to not have your stuff searched unreasonably is reasonably is protected by the _______ amendment 4th
The right not to be tortured by the government is protected by the ______ amendment 5th
The right to say what you want peacefully in public is protected by the _____ amendment 1st
The right to get together with people you want is protected by the _____ amendment 1st
The right to protest government choices peacefully is protected by the _____ amendment 1st
Things like immigration choices , gun rights, and tax policy are likely a part of Party Platform
What is the best reason for why 3rd parties (almost) never win in American elections? small groups have to work together to win
Why would we find Libertarians and Christian Conservatives ( 2 very different philosophies) agreeing on a politician ? They know they have to work together to win.
The groups of people that vote similarly can be called _________. a block
If a political party finds a new way to attract independent voters, we would call that ___________. realignment
If a party stops appealing to a segment of voters within their party , we would expect ____________ realignment
Who is running for mayor in McPherson, Ks this year? Harold Selzer, Tom Brown
A ______________ is most likely to support a tax increase. Fiscal Liberal
A ________________ is least likely to support guy marriage A social conservative
A ________________ would least want us to spend money on a 30 foot statue in city park. Fiscal conservative
________________ supports the claim that " speech can and should be limited in a high school setting" Tinker v. Des Moines
Free speech in public can include___________. " Symbolic" Speech
The things that government thinks are important enough to act on are officially known as ______________ Policy Agenda
Media sources like NBC, CBS, ABC, and your local news are most likely to participate in ______________. Broadcasting
Media sources like Fox News , MSNBC, and online sources are most likely to participate in __________________. Narrowcasting
When the media chooses what will be talked about by government and the public they are participating in __________________. Agenda setting
I started reading an article by XXXXXX ( any news source ) but it made me mad so I closed it. I have just participated in ______________ Selective exposure
When we're looking for potential bias in a media source , we should consider____________. the policy agenda points it suggests , the audience it seems to be aimed at, the key words , layout and special features
Our fluff/junk news headlines sprinkled into real news can ___________. Suggest the audience it seems to be aimed at

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