Bacteria Bacteria Vocab

Term Definition
Bacteria Single cells that lack a nucleus.
cytoplasm The thick fluid region of a cell located inside the membrane of between the membrane and nucleus.
ribosome A small grain-shaped organelle in the cytoplasm that produces proteins.
flagellum A long, whip-like structure that helps a cell to move.
cellular resporation The process that releases energy by breaking down glucose and other food molecules in the presence of oxygen
binary fission A form of asexual reproduction in which one cell divides forming two identical cells
conjugation A form of sexual reproduction in which a unicellular organism transfers its genetic material to another unicellular organism.
endospore A structure produced by prokaryotes in unfavorable conditions that encloses the DNA and some of the cytoplasm.
pasteurization A process of heating food to a temperature high enough to kill harmful bacteria without changing the taste.
decomposer An organism that gets energy by breaking down wastes and dad organisms and returns raw material to soil and water

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