Bioenergetics II Test Review

Question Answer
Yeast & Bacteria Alcohol/ethanol fermentation
Glycolysis Splitting of glucose
Krebb/Citric Cycle 2-4 ATP
Electron Transport Chain 32 ATP
Product of alcoholic fermentation ethanol, carbon dioxide, and ATP
Product of glycolysis Pyruvic acid and ATP
Reactants for photosynthesis CO2, H20, & Chemical energy
Product of cellular respiration CO2, H2O, ATP
Reactants of Cellular Respiration C6H12O6 + O2
Products of Photosynthesis C6H12O6 + O2
Who performs photosynthesis? Photosynthetic organisms, Autotrophs, Producers
Light Independent (LIS) Makes glucose/simple sugars
Light Independent (LIS) Occurs in the stroma
Light Independent A.K.A Calvin cycle
Light dependent occurs (LDT) Thylakoid membrane
Opens & closes for gas exchange Stomata
A type of gas given off by plants Oxygen
Photosynthesis occurs in the Leaf
Water moves to leaves Xylem (XL)
Nutrients/sugars to roots Phloem (NPR)
Lactic acid occurs affects the muscles
Converts light energy into chemical energy to make ATP Light dependent reaction
Where do molecules of ATP store their energy? Phosphate bonds
How is energy released from ATP molecule? By breaking 2 phosphate
Uses the ATP produced to make simple sugars light dependent reaction

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