Canadian History 1 Test 1

Term Definition
John Cabot Made a British claim to land on Canada, mistaking it for Asia during his 1497 voyage on his ship, Matthew
Wendat(Huron) People that Champlain formed a partnership with
Canadians A Native inhabitant of Canada
Fur Main commodity that was trade between Europeans and Aboriginals
Vikings Specific European group that made first contact
Louisbourg Historic site recreated in NS
Solutrean People A Palaeolithic culture from Northern Spain
Freehold Land Tenture The common ownership of real property or land
Grand Banks The rich fishing grounds off the coast of NFLD
Jacques Cartier Explorer sent to North America in search of gold
Tobacco A product that eventually had a negative effect on societies
Linguistics The study of the structure of languages
Jomon People A pre-historic people of Japan. Said to be the first people to populate North America
Corn A North American crop that helped European livestock
Hudson Bay Company The first North American trading company
Birchtown The major settlement area of African Americans known as Black Loyalists who escaped the British lines during the American War of Independence
Indentured Servent A person under contract to work for another person for a definite period of time, usually without pay, but in exchange for free passage into a new country
Blackfoot Aboriginal people who believed that their ancestors began with a stone
Seven Years War A global conflict fought between 1756 and 1763
Anthropology The study of past societies based on human remains
Beringia A land bridge between Siberia and Alaska, said to have existed during the last ice age
Bering Strait A narrow sea passage which separates the eastern tip of Siberia from Alaska
Metis A person of First Nations or European decent
Haudenosaunee (Iroqois) The Native people who are enemies of the Huron
DNA Testing One of the newest advances in archaeological inquiry
Assimilation A process in which one culture is absorbed by a more dominate culture
Beothuks Indigenous people based on NFLD
Samuel De Champlain Explorer sent to France to sodify that countries hold on the fur trade
Hochelaga Early Aboriginal settlement located new Montreal
Butlers Rangers A Loyalist, British provincial military unit of the American Revolutionary War
Debert The one major Paleoindian site in NS
Seigneurial System An institutional form of land distribution established in New France
Treaty of Utrecht (1713) Agreement between Britain and France as past of a series of treaties
Constitutional act of 1791 The act of British Parliament that repealed certain portions of the Quebec Act of 1774
Quebec Act of 1774 Passed by the British Parliament to institute a permanent administration in Canada replacing the temporary government created at the time of the Proclamation of 1763.
Proclamation of 1763 Issued by King George III following Great Britons acquisition of French territory in North America
Intolerable Acts A series of British measures passed in 1744 and designed to punish the Massachusetts colonists for the Boston Tea Party
Recollets A French reform branch of the order of Friars Minor
New England Planters Settlers from the New England colonies who responded to the invitations by the lieutenant governor of NS
Plano People A group of desperate hunter gatherer communities that occupied the Great Plains
Paleoindians A term used for the first people of North America
Habitants A French settler in Canada, or a descendant of one, especially a farmer
Eglitarian A type of government in which the interest of the group took priority over the individuals
Paradigm Bias Refers to the inclination to accept without question, a set of related assumptions and values
Coureur de Bois An independant entrepreneurial French-Candian who travelled in New France and the interior of North America
Plains of Abraham A plain near Quebec; site of the battle of the French and Indian War
Clovis People An ancient hunting people based upon spear projectile points that were uncovered at an archeological site

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