Cell Organelle Not Names and functions of cell organelles

Nucleus Directs all of the cells activitiesBig round ball
Cytoplasm Holds all the organelles in placeLooks like jello
Endoplasmic Reticulum Carries material around the cell look like folded noodles
Ribosome Factories that produce proteinsTiny, round dots that attach to the Endoplasmic Reticulum
Lysosomes Breaks down worn out cellsSmall and round
Golgi Bodies Takes material from the ER packages it and sends it out to the rest of the cells
Chloroplasts Captures sunlight and turns it into energy(plant cells only) Green organelles
Mitochondria Generates the cell's energyRod shaped, looks like little shoes
Cell wall Protects the cell and gives it strengthStiff outer layer of (plant cells)
Cell membrane Protects the cell and allows water and food in and out of the cellThin " skin on the outside of the cell
Vacuole Stores food and water for the cellBubble shaped

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