Chapter 21 Absolutism

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What is the Edict of Nantes? The declaration of religious toleration was the Edict of Nantes.
What is skepticism? Skepticism is the idea that nothing can ever be known for certain.
What is a intendant? An intendant collected taxes and administers justice.
What was one of the reasons Spain economic decline occurred? Spain expelled Jews and Moors which made up there middle class. Spain's nobles didn't have to pay taxes which put a burden on the lower class. Because of this Spain never developed a middle class.
Why did the Dutch revolt? They revolted because Philip raised taxes and tried to eliminate Protestantism.
What is a absolute monarch? A king or queen that holds all of the power within the states boundaries.
What is divine right? The idea that God created the monarchy and the monarch was Gods representative on Earth.
Who was Louis XIV? He was the most powerful ruler in French history.
Who was Jean Baptiste Colbert? He was Louis XIV minister of finances.
What was the War of the Spanish Succession? In 1701 England, Austria, the Dutch republic, Portugal, and several German and Italian stated combines to prevent the union of the French and Spanish thrones.
Who was Oliver Cromwell? Puritan general who defeated the Cavaliers.
What was the period of Charles II rule called? It was called Restoration.
What is a constitutional monarchy? Monarchy that limits the rulers power.
Why did Charles II flee London and go north of England? Charles fled because he didn't want to be arrested and executed.
Why was the death of Charles I revolutionary? This was the first time a reigning monarch had a public trial and execution.
What was the habeas corpus? This was a law that gave every prisoner the right to obtain a writ or document ordering that the prisoner be brought before a judge to specify the charges against the prisoner.
When was the Golden age of Spanish art and literature? Spain's golden age of art and literature was the 16th and 17th century.
How did Spain make there enemies rich? Guilds emerged in the Middle Ages and dominated businesses in Spain. This made Spanish cloth and manufactured goods more expensive then those made elsewhere. As a result Spain bought what they need from France, England, and the Netherlands.
What was the reaction of the people of France when Louis XIV dies? They rejoiced as they had enough of the Sun King.
Why did Charles I try to arrest Parliaments leaders? They had passed laws that limited royal power.

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