chapter 3 muscles muscular system

Term Definition
My/o- muscles
Muscul/o- muscles
Myos/o- muscle
Kinesi/o- movement
Ten/o- tendon
Tend/o- tendon
Tendin/o- tendon
Fasci/o- fibrous band;fascia
Fibr/o- fiber
Ton/o- tone;tension
Tax/o- coordination;order
abduction movement of a body part away from the midlline of the body
adduction movement of a body part toward the midline of the body
flexion movement of 2 body surfaces toward each other as in the act of bending
extension straightening of a limb after it has been flexed
rotation movement of a body part around its longitudinal
circumduction rotation of arm or leg.this type of motion occurs in multiple planes.
elevation raising of a body part
depression lowering of a body part
supination rotational motion of the forearm in which the palm moves to face upward
pronation rotational motion of the forearm in which the palm moves to face downward
dorsiflexion movement of the sole of the foot upward
plantar flexion motion of the plantar surface away from the midline of the body
Dys- painful;difficult
Ab- away;away from
Ad- toward
Para- near;beside;alongside;beyond;abnormal
A-,An- not;without
Af- toward
Quad- four
-asthenia weakness
-meter measure
-plasia development;formation
-paresis weakness
-plegia paralysis
-scope instrument use to view
-scopy visual examination using a scope
-ist specialist
-metry process of measuring
-trophy condition of gowth & development
-dynia pain
EMG electromyogram
MD muscular dystrophy
CTS carpal tunnel syndrome
MG myasthenia gravis
Quad four
Hemi half
FMS fibromyalgia syndrome
PT physical therapy
Myopathy disease of the muscles
paraplegia paralysis of both limbs
kinesiology the study of movement
tendonitis inflammation of the tendon
muscular pertaining to the muscles
dystrophy dufficult of painful develpment or growth
myalgia pain of the muscles
ataxia condition of without coordination
fasciitis inflammation of the fascia
hemiparesis weakness of half of the body
myodynia pain of the muscles
myasthenia weakness of the muscles
fribromyalgia pain of the muscle fibers
myoplasty surgical repair of the muscles
electromyogram picture of the electrical activity of the muscle
abduction move away from the midline
orthopedist specialist who straightens the foot
quadriplegia paralysis of the four limbs

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