Civics Final

Term Definition
13th amendment No slavery or involuntary servitude shall exist
14th amendment
15th amendment The rights to vote shall not be denied to any race, color, or previous condition of servitude
19th amendment The rights to vote shall not be denied to any sex
22nd amendment No person shall be elected for president more than 2 terms
25th amendment If the president can no longer be in office the vice president will take over
Caucuses a meeting for a political party to register their preference for a candidate running for office
Chief Diplomat Deals with foreign policies/governments
Chief of State Head of the nation
What city was the declaration of independence written? Philadelphia
Democracy A form of government controlled by the majority vote of the people
Elastic Clause Grants congress the power to pass all laws necessary
Electoral College A group of people who cast votes for the election of the president and vice president of the united states
Federalism The relationship between the state government and the federal government
General Assembly
Governor Roles/Powers
Interest Groups
Judicial Branch Powers
Laws for voting
Legislative Branch Powers
Limited Government
Mayors and Councils
New Jersey Plan
Original Jurisdiction
Pa. Supreme Court
Party Symbols
Political Spectrum
Powers of Congress
Local Government Powers
President of the Senate The Vice President (Mike Pence) is the president of the senate
President Qualifications
Presidential Powers
Why was the constitution written? To establish Americas national government, laws, and basic rights for the citizens
What is the purpose of the Legislative Branch?
Ratification of the Constitution
Representative Democracy
Rights of Accused
Rights of Legal Immigrants
Separation of Powers
Speaker of the House
State of the Union
Supremacy Clause
Voter Motor Act
Voting Regulations
Ways to Lose Citizenship

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