civics test 3

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which president had the most vetoes during their tenure? franklin roosevelt
how many members of the house and senate have to approve have to approve a bill for it to become a law? 2/3
the first ten amendments to the constitution is called? the bill of rights
how many amendments are there total? 27
what are amendments? changes that can be added to the constitution
how many different copies of a bill are there before a final copy is sent? 2
who receives the final draft of the bill? the president
proposed bills go through both the ___ and ___? senate and house of representatives
what happens of a president vetoes a bill? 2/3 of the congress can overturn it
can a bill become a law after it has been vetoed by the president? yes
what is the us constitution?
how many parts does the constitution have? 3
list the parts of the constitution preamble, articles, and the amendments
how many articles are there in the constitution? 7
what reasons does the constitution give to impeach the president? treason, bribery, and or other high crimes and misdemeanors
does the house of representatives or the senate impeach the president? the senate
what is the purpose of the preamble? it explains the reasons why the framers of the constitution made our government a republic
what is the purpose of the articles in the constitution? explains what powers each branch of the government have
the constitution is stored at the national archives museum where? Washington d.c
which article states the duties and powers of the executive branch? article 2
which article creates the supreme court as head of the judicial branch? article 3
which branch of government interprets the laws? executive
which article is the "supreme law of the land"? article 6
which article explains the relationship among the states and national government? article 4
why is a conference committee necessary after a bill has been passed by the senate and the house? a conference committee is necessary after a bill has been passed by the senate and house because it drafts a compromise bill that both houses can accept. both houses must eventually pass identical legislation for the bill to be presented to the president
should presidents get more than two terms? why or why not? yes because by restricting a president to two terms only, they are potentially preventing the American public from getting the president they want

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