EMT Ch5 Medical Term

Term Definition
A&Ox4 means The Patient knows person, place, time and event.
Liver hepat
Intestines entero
Vessel angio
Umbilicus Bellybutton
Planes of the body Frontal or coronalTransverse or axial Sagittal or lateral
Kidney Nephr
Nerves Neur
Suffix a??Pertaining toa?? -al. Or -ic
Suffix a??pertaining to paina?? Algia
Suffix a??surgical removala?? – ectomy
Suffix a??inflammationa?? -itis
Suffix a??study ofa?? -ology
Suffix a??specialista?? -logist
Suffix a??enlargementa?? Megaly
Suffix a??tumora?? -oma
Suffix a??diseasea?? -pathy
Heart Cardio
Stomach Gastro
Joint Arthr
Bone Oste
Lungs Pulmon
Black Melan. Melanoma. Black tumor
Prefix for a??Abovea?? Epi

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