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How did the Spanish missionaries adapt to their environment? used their resources to farm
What significant physical geographic feature is every mission presidio near? rivers
What was the purpose of Spain colonizing Texas? hold land claims in Texas
What is the defining characteristic of the Age of Contact Era in Texas? Spanish and French explorers both claimed land in Texas
What motivated early explorers to investigate the Americas? looking for gold
Which group of people were likely suspicious of the new Spanish missions? American Indians
What economic activitiey of missions thrived in the physical geography and environment of central Texas? ranching
How did the missions change the culture of Texas? new religious traditions were introduced
What was Jose de Escandon known for? settled South Texas between the Rio Grande and Nueces rivers
What is Francisco Hidalgo known for? brought Spanish missions to East Texas
When did Pineda map the coastline of Texas? 1519
What is La Salle's contribution? set up Ft. St. Louis near Matagorda Bay while searching for the mouth of the Mississippi
What is Fray Damian Massanet's contribution? founded first Spanish mission
Put the explorers in order: Cabeza de Vaca, LaSalle, Pineda. Pineda (maps Tx), Cabeza de Vaca (write book/reports), LaSalle (Ft. St. Louis)
What is a conquistador? a Spanish explorer searching for wealth in the Americas
What is an expedition? a journey undertaken by a group of people
What is exploration? travel undertaken to discover new resources
What is a viceroy? a Spanish official appointed to rule land claimed by Spain in the New World
What is a presidio? a military post or guarded settlement in an area of Spanish control
What is a mission? a settlement founded to spread Christianity to people in an area
What is colonization? state-sponsored settlement of people to new territories

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