Fresh water

Term Definition
Water cycle
Infiltration The seepage Of water into soil or rock
Evaporation The change of water from liquid to gas
Condensation The change in water from gas to a liquid
Transpiration The passage of water through a plant from the roots through the vascular system to the atmosphere
Precipitation Falling products of condensation in the atmosphere, as rain, snow or hail
Groundwater The water beneath the surface of the ground, consisting largely of surface water that has seeped down: the source of water in springs and wells
Water table The planar, underground surface beneath which earth materials, as soil or rock, are saturated with water
Runoff Something that drains or flows off, as rain that flows off from the land in streams
Artesian well
Zone of aeration
Zone of saturation
the cycle of processes by which water circulates between the earth's oceans, atmosphere, and land,
A well drilled through impermeable strata to reach water capable of rising to the surface
A body of rock or sediments that stores groundwater and allows the flow of groundwater.
the result of an aquifer being filled to the point that the water overflows onto the land surface
the region between the earth's surface and the water table.
the area in an aquifer, below the water table, in which relatively all pores and fractures are saturated with water.
Able to hold water
Not able to hold water
The percentage of the total volume of a rock or sediment that consists of open spaces

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