Islam,Christianity,j vocab words of the 3 major religions

term Definition
messiah another word for Jesus
moses the man who got the ten commandments for Gods people
new testament the book of which Jesus is alive
parables a story that teaches a lesson.
prophets the people who tell about there god
rabbi the preacher of the Islam faith
Resurrection when you become alive when you are clearly dead
synagogue the sacred preaching place of the Jews
yaweh the Jews God
missionary a person is sent to a place for worsip
Torah the Jews form of the christian bible
church/ cathedral the Christians place of worship
covenant a promise
gospels the 4 biggest books of the bible
holy trinity the tree people who christans believe will help them trough life
kosher Jewish laws
10 commandments the 10 main rules of Christianity
apostles/disciples followers
bible Christians book of worship
Christianity monotheistic, believes in jesus
diaspora the spreading of people
Hebrews/ Israelites the main people if Christianity
Jesus the God's son
Judaism a religion that believes in the 5 book of Moses which are the first 5 books in the christian bible.
caliph the ruler of Islam
cultural diffusion a culture in spred out
five pillars of faith the five main
Islam a religion that believes in the five pillars of faith and that Mohammed is the prophet of God.
jihad the fight against invaders or enimies.
makkah a place you are suppose to travel to in Islam
Muhammad the prophet of God in Islam
Muslim a follower of the Islam faith
prophet someone who is suppose to tell the "word"
Qur'an the Islams book of worship
Shari'ah the laws of Islam
Sunnah the teachings of Muhammad
trade routs a rout taken my ships people or any transportation
abraham the person who started all the religions.
alms giving one of the five pillars and you are suppose to give to the needy in Islam.
hadith a report of the actions of Muhammad
imam an Islam leader
Ka'ba the place of worship for an Islam
monotheism the belief in 1 God
people of the book a term referring to Jews,Christianity and sabians.
polytheism the belief and worship of multiple gods
Ramadan a month of fasting, only eat at night, in Islam.

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