Knee tests

Name Positive Implication
Sweep test Edema on medial side Swelling inside jt ACL, osteochondral fx, meniscus, synovitis, patellar dslxn
Ballotavle Patella depresses and strikes patellar groove RAPID effusion- ACL, capsule, tibial plateau fx, osteochondral GRADUAL- inflammatory response, arthritis, meniscal tears, chondromalacia
Medial-lateral patellar glide Hypomobility- retinaculum tightnessHypermobility- laxity of restraints
Patellar tilt Normal- 0 to 15Hypermobile- 15+Hypomobile- less than 0 Hypomobile- predisposed for maltrackingHypermobile- tight lateral restraints
Patellar apprehension Forceful quad contractionDisplay of apprehension Laxity of medial patellar predisposing patient to subluxation or dslxn
Test for medial synovial plica Clicking, poppingFeel plica as it crosses MFC in 45-60 degrees flexion Symptomatic medial stnovial plica
Stutter test

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