MDA 131 FINAL Final practice

Question Answer
communication cycle, the sender decodes the message False
effective active listener, the MA does not need to be aware of the patient's body language. False
The MA should avoid using medical terminology when providing patient eduation TRUE
Water, food, and shelter are at which level of Maslow's Hierarchy of needs Physiological
When teaching the parents of 3-year-old Lucinda how to use a nebulizer. IS this an appropriate statement to tell the child… This is NOT a toy and has medicine in it? TRUE OR FALSE TRUE
limping is a nonverbal clue that should be investigated further TRUE
CMA: " I really know very little about TB. I think I got it from working around shipmates who came from places with a lot of TB." Casey responds" "So, you don't know much about TB, but you think you got it from co-workers who came from places with TB" Summarizing
When working with a teenage patient & discussing sensitive issues, the MA should … assess the situation, handle each case appropriately
Kinesics facial expressions, gestures, and eye movements are
personal values or opinions are Bias
effective therapeutic communication has three elements what are they -cultural differences (such as language and beliefs)-biases and prejudices (both personal and patient)-nonverbal cues
To have the BEST outcome and understanding when doing patient education the one thing you MUST incorporate is …. Patient involvement !
CC: VertigoThe MA asks the pt to describe her "Dizzy spells" this is an example of what type of questioning? Open-ended questioning
The professional MA should know how to deal with prolonged wait times. What would you say to your patient…? I'm sorry for the wait; would you like to continue waiting or reschedule your visit?
Ways to promote patient compliance… -include family members in the session- be a role model -follow every pt education session with written material
Of the following nutrients, which provides the most calories per gram: Fat, Vitamins, or Proteins Fats
Which of the following best describes the role of the two minerals sodium and potassium? -provides energy-builds tissue-fat soluble -electrolytes Electrolytes
Lack of adequate fiber in the diet, you may be suffering from what body system of diseases. Hint: Think ROS! GI
_______has been found to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in developing fetuses? Folate
Abraham Maslow, created what? Who was the creator/originator of the Hierarchy of Needs
what are behaviors used to protect oneself from guilt or anxiety defense mechanism

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