Native Americans 1 Native Americans and Iroquois

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How does climate affect the way Native Americans lived? They built certain types of houses depending on where they lived
What were teepees made of? deer or buffalo skins and poles
Native Americans that lived in warm climates had what type of house? a roof held up by poles but without walls
What region did Iroquois live in? Eastern Woodlands
What were the deer antlers used for in the Iroquois Creation myth? to kill the left handed twin
What was the purpose of the Iroquois Creation myth? to explain how earth and animals were created
In the Iroquois Creation myth, what animal dove down in the water to get soil? the muskrat
In the Iroquois Creation myth, the woman that fell through the hole and gives birth is who? a daughter
In the Iroquois Creation myth, the left handed twin is born how? out of the left armpit of the mother
Would an Iroquois longhouse have windows in it? no
In Iroquois culture, who chose the new chief? the women
Who did the hunting in the Iroquois culture? the men
In the Iroquois culture, who did the cooking and cleaning? the women
Was the Apache tribe part of the Iroquois Confederacy? no
Were Hiawatha and Dekanawida leaders in the Iroquois Confederacy? yes
Are there any Iroquois tribes left today? yes
What is the name of the housing structure the Iroquois lived in? longhouse
What are things you would smell in an Indian longhouse? food cooking, body odor, dirt,
What type of lifestyle did the Iroquois that lived in longhouses have? they were farmers and hunters that stayed in one place for a long time
What is a teepee made of? poles and skins
What type of lifestyle do Native Americans have that live in teepees? they are nomads and have to move to find food
What are some examples of balance in the Iroquois Creation Story? good and evil. herbivores and carnivores to keep population in check
Why do the Iroquois have so much respect for animals and the environment? the muskrat dove for soil and made the earth, without animals people would die, they were in sync with the earth and respected it

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