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This makes words stand out. It may be an important word or a vocabulary word. Types of Print (Bold Words, Italics, Highlighted Words, Underlining, etc.)
This is a visual of a location. Map
This lets you know what a section is about. Heading
This is usually found at the beginning of a book. It tells you what is in the book and is arranged in page order. Table of Contents
These are like text boxes that contain extra, but related, information. Insets / Sidebars
This is how authors list important information or facts. Bullets
This puts events in chronological order in a visual representation. Timeline
This gathers data and information in a visual way. Charts and Graphs
This defines words found in the text and is often found in the back of a book or the bottom of an article. Glossary
This is a visual of something from the article. Picture / Photograph
This is a written description of a picture. Caption
This is a visual that shows (and labels) the different parts. Diagram
This is an alphabetical list of subjects or key words. It is often found in the back of the book. Index
This is the name of the article, chapter, or book. Title
This is found under a heading and further splits apart a section. It is often smaller or a different color than the main heading. Subheading

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