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It shows us food groups and how much we should eat Food pyramid and MyPlate
Milk, yogurt, butter… Dairy products
Beans, peas, fish, turkey, lamb, pork, nuts… Meat and beans group
Pineapple, pear, watermelon, plum… Fruit group
Pepper, cucumber, tomato, carrot, broccoli, spinach… Vegetable group
Bread, cereal, cookie, pasta… Grains group
This is where the nutrients (good things) are absorbed small intestine
This is where water is absorbed and waste goes large intestine
We chew food there mouth
This is how food gets from our mouth to the stomach esophagus
We need these organs, but food doesn't go through them liver and pancreas
Mouth – esophagus – ??? – small intestine – ??? – anus stomach and large intestine
What do we do in our mouth? chew
What happens after we chew our food? swallow
How many bones do adults have? 206
How many bones do babies have? about 300
What's the function of the skeletal system (what do bones do?) Protect our organs, give us shape, help us move, keep us straigh
What's the function of the circulatory system (what does it do?) Transport blood
What can we do to keep our body healthy? Do sports and have a balanced diet
Where is skull? It's in our head
Where are ribs and sternum? They are in our chest
Where are humerus, radius and ulna? They are in our arm

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