Plants and Animals 1 3rd grade Science Vocabulary for Plants and Animals

Term Definition
Resources Materials that an organism needs for survival
Competition When organisms fight for the same resources
Adaptation A behavior or body structure that helps an organism meet its needs in its environment and helps it stay alive
Instinct A behavior that an organism is born with
Migration The movement of animals from one place to another
Hibernation A period of time when an animal goes into a deep sleep for an extended period of time
Camouflage The color or shape of an animal that allows it to blend into its surroundings
Mimicry An adaptation in which an organism looks very much like another organism that predators avoid and ignore
Organism A living thing
Structural Adaptation An adaptation that involves Physical features of an organism that help it survive
Behavioral Adaptation An adaptation that has to do with Things organisms DO to survive
Instinctual Behavior The kind of behavior that an animal is born with and happens naturally (examples: Hibernation, Migration)
Learned Behavior This kind of behavior happens after watching others or being taught (example: Hunting, Communication)
Offspring Infants/children of animals
Traits Features or characteristics that are passed on to you from your parents.

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