Term Definition
Tight 33 16 Keeper Fake to the 3back runs to right
Tight 34 17 keeper fake to threeback roll to left
Tight 23 hand off to the 2back trying to score: first hole on left
Spread split 33 slash hand off 3back to left
spread slit 22 slash hand off to 2back to run right
spread split 33 flare pass to threeback
Spread split 22 flare pass to the two back; going right
spread split 13 keeper follow three back as blocker
Spread 40 quick pass to the right
spread split 30 outs throw to three back to the left
spread forty streak pass to the left deep
twins 14 keeper run to the right
twins 53 streak deep pass to left side
split 36 sweep handoff to threeback to the the right
split 27 sweep hand off to two back to the right
twins 24 handoff to the two back to the right
twins 35 handoff to the left to three back
twins 50 streak thirty slant pass to three back running slant
twins 30 screen pass to threeback
twins 32 slant pass to whoever is open

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