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Luke 22 Here are two swordsIt is enough! Pope GelasiusSwords are symbols of authorityCivil and Ecclesiastical
Romans 13Govt 3 thingsOur job 3 things Govt established by God, it's God's servant, god's agentSubmit – respect with willingness, because of fear of wrath or conscience.
Luke 22Verses and sig 35-38 2 swords. Saying keep em separate.
Psalm 82 DURD4 thing Kings are like god'sKings are rulers on EarthResponsible for ruling justly and defending the defenselessRebuking kings is heresy and atheism
Submit to authority even if persecutedGov has supreme authorityGov by God to commend and punishGoes with Romans 13 1 Peter 2:13
Papal supremacy model scripture Matthew 16:13-19Christ delegates civil/Ecclesiastical power to Peter. Peter passes it to Popes in both realms.Peter becomes first bidhop of Rome. Pope has final authority over all.
Matthew 16:13-19 Peter on this rock I build my church. Papal supremacy model. Christ gives Peter two swords.
Matthew 22:15-22 Where Pharisees try to trick JesusGive to God and give to CeaserObey govt but authority is limited.ceaser doesn't have authority over what is God's. US has never bought this arguement that this scripture shows state cannot tax Church.
Matthew 28:18 Great commission. All authority in heaven and Earth have been given to me (papal supremacy).
1 Timothy 2:1-2 Pray for civil magestrate
Scripture for justice – deut 3 of them one psalm Do not give false witness 5:20Not one witness but two and witness first to kill him. Purge evil. 17:6-7False testimony- do to him what would be done to accused. Purge evil from u. 19:15-21Psalm 82 durd
Justice from isaiah and acts 56 maintain justice and do what is right58 loose chains share food share shelter and he will satisfy your needsActs 25: 13-16 king aggipa and festus give Paul a chance to defend himself against charges per custom.
Why do we need govt? Scripture Romans 1 and Genesis 1God created man in his image. For although they knew him they never glorified him or gave thanks
King Nebuchadnezzar In Daniel 3. Fall down and worship or go in furnace.shadrack meshack and abendago. Neb praised their God.
What happened to neb Daniel 4-hevsaid it was by his power and glory. all authority taken. Driven away and eat with wild animals.ehen he praised God he was restored to sanity.
Daniel 5 Writing on the wall Belshazzar
Daniel lions DenWhich kingWhyWhat Happened Daniel 6DariusBecause they saw him in his window prayingDecree to fear and reverence Daniels God
Midwives? Exodus 1:15 Kill the boysThey disobeyedGod was kind to them. They feared the Lord.
Scripture support obey or die Exodus 18:17 judge carefullyExtra 7:26 disobey king – death, banishment, confiscation, imprisionmentExodus 22 don't blaspheme or curse ruler
Spykman Principled pluralist1989 same year as Bahnsen
3 reformed perspectives:The Bible has something btondo with politics!! 1. Gould "national confessional primer" 19972. Bahnsen "the theonomic position" 19893. Spykman "the principled pluralist" 1989
Gould 1997 the national confession primer
Bahnsen The theonomic position 1989
What does Gould say4 things The preamble should have explicit confession of the lordship of Christ. Right now it says highest power.Christ should be recognized as king and ruler of everythingCollective moral culpabilityNations judged as nations
GouldSide points 5 Not individual cofession but nationalNot a particular denominationRevival before salvationAll Christian rulersGod sovereign instead of we the people
Gould scripture 2 Matthew 28:18 the great commission – all authority in heaven on EarthDaniel 3 and 4 Nebechanezzer doesn't profess Christ (a non Israelite king that was judged)
Bahnsen Main point Theonomy – God's LawLook to the Bible for all our answers, we can't rely on man because of the fall3 types of law civil, ceremonial and moral
Bahnsen 6 points Sovereign – GodStarting point – the reformed perspectiveGovt should base laws on 10 commandmentsOT PRINCIPLES still apply todayIdolatry should not be allowedAmerica should be a Christian Nation
3 types of law Moral law the Ten CommandmentsCivil law the whole of the Old TestamentCeremonial law no longer applicable because of Christ ceremonial law was fufilled by Christ
Bahnsen – what should laws be based on? Important 2 points Old Testament principles unless otherwise contradicted in the scripture. The only thing the government can do is what the Bible says it can do.
Bahnsen scriptural support 2 Matthew 5:17 I have come to fulfill the lawPsalm 2 God is King over all the rulers they kiss the Son
Bahnsen main purpose for govt Criminal justiceThere is no evidence for involvement in schoolsCrucial to keep distinction between social and political ethics.
Spykman The principled pluralist 1987Government is a creation ordinance designed to provide justice for the poor.Divinely ordained minister of public justice
Spykman3 views of the state within society Individualist(west)Collectivist (east)Pluralist (transformational/reformational) .
2 types of pluralism (spykman) Structural-gov created the world with different structures! They order life and coordinate human interactionConfessional pluralism-thecright of various religious leaders to develop their own patterns of life through their own associations
Sphere soverignty Each sphere in society has it's own independent authority. No one sphere should dominate orcusurp power.
Spkymsn vs Gould when did institution come in Spykman – before the fall – at creation govt created by godGould says after the fall – reformed perspective is the starting point- govt a result of the fall.
What religion? Spykman says any religionBahsen says one true Gould says nation profess Chrusr
Spykman major role of religion Justice for the poor
Scripture support spykman Matthew 13 parable of wheat and weeds
Augustine Not a political theorist. Justice can only come with Christ as king.Rome fell apart because they never establish justice.
Augustine writing points One humans are social. 2 you must have Justice and Christian principles in society. 3 government gets its responsibility from God Romans 13.
Augustine two Two cities. Two types of people. Heavenly primary allegiance to God Earthly primary allegiance to self. Distinguished by what motivates them.
Who needs civil government according to Augustine The Earthly City needs civil government because it is simple the Heavenly City needs civil government because it lives with in the Earthly City.
When would Augustine say it's okay not to obey civil government Theory one maybe when it tells people when and how to worship and who to worship
What would Augustine say the responsibility of government is To pass just law and it's our duty to obey
Papal supremacy model swords Church has two swordsDisagreement church winsLimits government
Scripture for papal supremacy Matthew 28;great commission – all authorityMatthew 16 Christ addresses Peter as the church. Gives him the keys to heaven and Earth. Peter becomes bishop of rome
Biblical for Gelasius, seotd model and problem Luke 22. God gives civil a sword. God gives Ecclesiastical a sword. But does not way what is what or what to do when there's a disagreement.
Papal supremacy political theorist support and when John of salsbury 1100 englandThe statesman's book
Salisbury Civil is bodyChurch is soul – what's judged moral reasonCivil gets power from church.
Describe Salisbury/papal sup civil law Equal to church, independent, jobs preists can't do,Bible limits laws like supreme Court does today
What does John of Salisbury distinguish Prince- fights for the rights of peopleTyrant- refuses to follow God's Law and should be killed
Where does the idea of separation of church and state come from John of Salisbury. If ruler is a tyrant Romans 13 doesn't apply. Law is void.
Papal bull An authoritative announcement
What to do when civil and Ecclesiastical disagree – 5 John of Salisbury (papal supremacy)Dante (erastanism)MachiavelliJames the first of EnglandMarsiglio of Padua
Dante De Monarchie late 1200, early 1300
Dante versus Pope gelasius Pope Gelasius two swords (dispute unclear)Dante humans have 2 ends (state has authority)
Dante Heavenly direction or goal reached through faith. Earthly direction or goal reached through reason. Each mrhod of understanding needs a different guide
Problem with dante Public school. Scripture can't be Central to teaching if govt is involved. Truth only what verified emperically? Is math more central to life than origin of life and creation?
List 10 commands No other GodsNo idolsNo blasphemySabbath dayPmat5parents 6murder 7adultery 8theft9. False witness 10. Covet
Dante and Edwards vs. aguillard Keep faith and reason separateTeach evolution it's scienceDon't teach creation – it's faith
Papal supremacy bib support and political theorist John of Salisbury Matt 16:23Matt 28
Erastanism bib support and 3 people in order Psalm 82Romans 13Dante, Machiavelli and James 1

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