Rev Unit 4 /Unit 5 Sadlier- Oxford Vocabulary Review Unit 4 and Unit 5

Term Definition
alliance (n.) a joining together for some common purpose
anecdote (n.) a short account of an incident in someone's life
bewilder (v.) to puzzle completely, confuse; to confuse by too many choices, conflicting situations or statements
buffoon (n.) a clown; a coarse, stupid person
consolidate (v.) to combine, unite; to make solid or firm
counterfeit (n.) an imitation designed to deceive; (adj.) not genuine, fake; (v.) to make an illegal copy
docile easy to manage or teach; obedient
dominate 1. to have a position of control or superiority 2. to rule over by strength or power, control; to tower over
hostile (adj.) unfriendly; unfavorable; warlike, aggressive
inflammable (adj.) easily set on fire; easily angered or aroused
inflict Impose, deliver forcibly; cause to be borne.
malignant (adj.) deadly, extremely harmful, evil; spiteful, malicious
mortify (v.) to hurt someone's feelings deeply; to cause embarrassment or humiliation; to subdue or discipline by self-denial or suffering.
radiant (adj.) shining, bright; giving forth light or energy
rural 1. area not in a city 2. an area in the countryside away from cities and towns.
virtual having a certain force or effect in fact but not in name; so close as to be equivalent to the real thing
void (adj.) completely empty; having no legal force or effect; (n.) empty or unfilled space; (v.) to cancel or nullify
wayward (adj.) disobedient, willful; unpredictable, capricious
wince pulling back or making a face in fear, pain or disgust
potential Something that can happen, possibility or capability

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