science chapter 3

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lost energy energy that has escaped from a system
transformed energy energy changed from one form to another
transferred energy energy moved from one place to another
chemical energy the energy that is used in gasoline to make a car move
mechanical effencey the percentage of work input that is turned into useful work output
how to calculate work before mechanical efficiency fxd (output) divided by fxd (input) *dont forget the therefore statement!ME%= output energy (or work) divided by input energy (or work) x100%
the higher the mechanical efficiency…. ….the more useful work it does,
A complex machine has less…. ….mechanical efficiency than the simple machines in it
Increased number of computer parts made each day is a consequence of an….. ….increase in automation in computer manufacturing parts.
___% of chemical energy in gasoline is converted into mechanical work 25%
___% of gasoline's energy is actually used to move a car 20%
describe customer service and its importance Customer service is the help a company provides to those who purchase and use a company’s productor service. It’s important because it shows a company cares about their customers. This help comes through owner’s manuals, the internet, telephone or e-mail.
Describe one advantage and one disadvantage to a company providing customer service. Advantage: We can get help from a person specially trained in a certain department to solve problems regarding their problems. Disadvantage: Being put on hold a lot, and the people can’t always solve the problems immediately.
Describe one positive and one negative effect of increased automation in farming. Positive effect: Automation has resulted in improved crop yields. Negative effect: Machines are causing air pollution which harms crops.

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