Science Vocab

Term Definition
antibiotic a substance that kills bacteria or prevents the growth of bacteria
antibody a chemical made by immune system that makes it easier for white blood cells to destroy pathogens
bacteria microscopic, single celled organisms
contagious very easy to spread; used to describe a disease
disease anything that causes your body to stop working properly
histamine a chemical that is made by the cells in response to injury
immune able to make the antibodies to a pathogen before it can make you unwell
immune system the system in your body that fights infections
infectious disease a disease that can be spread
lymphocyte a white blood cell that makes antibodies
macrophage a white blood cell that consumes pathogens
neutrophil a type of white blood cell that consumes pathogens
pathogenic bacteria bacteria that cause disease
penicillin an early antibiotic
quarantine isolation to prevent the spread of the disease
symptom indicator of a particular disease
vaccine a chemical that causes your body to react as if it had encountered a pathogen

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