Science Vocab #2

Term Definition
compound two or more atoms chemically bonded together
mixture two or more atoms/molecule physically together but not boded
isotope forms of the same element with different number of neutrons
valence elcectron electrons on the outer shell of an atom that participate in bonding
Lewis Dot Model a way of representing atoms/molecules by showing valence electrons as dots
Bohr Model atomic model representing all electrons and energy levels
covalent bond chemical bonds created when electrons are shared (nonmetal + nonmetal)
ionic bond chemical bond created when electrons are transferred (metal + metal)
ions atom or molecule with a net charge due to a loss or gain of electron
physical change change that does NOT involve a change in substances' chemical composition
chemical change change in substances creating a new compound
Law of conservation of matter Law stating that matter cannot be created or destroyed
subscript "small" numbers on chemical formula indicating the number of atoms in element/compound
coefficient "big" numbers in front of a compound indicating the number of molecules
reactant substances that takes part in a change during a chemical reaction
products substances that are created as a result of a chemical reaction

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