Seed Study Cards

Question Answer
Which part of a seed stores food? Cotyledons
Why did we use bleach water on the seeds? To keep mold from growing.
What happened to the lima beans after they soaked in water? They got bigger and heavier. (It is possible that some seed coats fell off or cracked.)
What tool did we use to measure the weight of the lima beans? Balance
The seed coat _____ the seed and eventually falls off after the seed begins to grow. Protects
Which part of a plant contains seeds? Fruit
What is a seed doing if it is dormant? Resting (or not growing)
Instead of counting all of the seeds inside a fruit one-by-one, I can _____ to find a close amount. Estimate
________ are things you can observe (color, size, texture, etc.) Properties
The embryo is part of a _____. Seed
Is an apple a fruit? Why? Yes because it has seeds inside.
Is a potato a fruit? Why? No because it does not have seeds inside.
How do you know if an object is a living organism? It is made of cells, it can grow/change, and it can reproduce.
How do seeds disperse from the parent plant? They can be carried by water, animals, or by the wind.
Reflect on our seed search. Pick two of the fruits: green pepper, apple, nectarine, and tomato. About how many seeds does each fruit have? What are the properties of the seeds? See science notebook or photos below.Example: An apple has about 6 seeds. The apple seeds are small, hard, and brown.
Reflect on our mini sprouters. Compare and contrast two of the seeds: sunflower, bush bean, pea, and corn. See photos below. Example: The pea and corn seeds are alike because they are both small and hard. The pea seed was green, but the corn seed was white/yellow. The pea seed was wrinkly, but the corn seed was smooth.
Think about the fruits we saw in class: green pepper, apple, nectarine, and tomato. Describe each fruit. (Give properties) Example: Apples are red, hard, and round.

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