Social Studies Capter 9

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Describe the physical features of Greece mountains, long coastlines, deep valleys, rugged, highlands
List the bodies of water that reach the Greek shore Ionian Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea
What enabled Greeks to interact with other people and cultures trading
Explain the people of Ancient Greece by the geography of the country small, independent communities
What people settled on the island of the Aegean Sea Minoans
Describe the religious beliefs of the ancient Greeks Gods and Goddesses lived on mounts
Describe the aristocracy Wealthy people that controlled the government
Who were considered citizens in the democracy in Athens all men born in Athens
Describe the results of the Battle of Salamis Athenian ships destroyed the Persian fleet
During the Golden Age, what did the Greeks study The arts, architecture, philosophy and medicine
What was the Delian League alliance of Greek city-states
How did Sparta and other Greek city-states rebel against Athens destroyed farms and homes around Athens
List 3 factors in Alexander's rise to power in the Greek empire 1. Defeated the Persian empire2. conquered Syria and Pheonicia3. became Pharaon of Egypt
What helped Alexander explain his empire A. a creative military mindB. courageC. Confidence
How did Alexander spread Greek culture He created a vast empire in Europe, Asia, and Africa
List 3 features of Hellenistic culture A. The founding of new Greek citiesB. young people reading the works of Greek writersC. International trade
What did the Hellenistic Age discover A. a system of Plane geometryB. understanding of how the human body worksC. understanding of how levers work

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