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What was the movement of people, plants, animals and diseases across the Atlantic ocean called? Columbian Exchange
What were the names of the cities that were missions established by the Spanish in the New World? St. Augustine and Santa Fe
What were the names of the large plantation were the Spanish grew crops to make money? Encomiendas
What religion did New Spain follow? Roman catholic
What type of government did New Spain follow? Absolute Monarch
What 2 rivers in the New World did many of the people in New France settle along? St. Lawrence River and Mississippi River
How did New France make most of its money? Fur trade
New France followed the religion, lifestyles, and government of their ________ country. Mother
What were some negative effects of the Columbian Exchange? Diseases and slavery
What were some positive effects of the Columbian Exchange? better wealth, new thing to help each
What group settled in New England and came to the new World for religious freedom? Pilgrims
What was the name of the rocky harbor where they settled? Plymouth Rock
What group sailed to New England in 1630 in search of religious freedom? They wanted to purify or reform the church. Puritans
What holiday was first celebrated in New England? Thanksgiving
What did the people of New England do to get food and how did they made money. Fish and lumber
Why were the middle colonies known as the Breadbasket Colonies? They grew wheat, barley, rye, etc
What religion did the middle colonies practice? Quakers
What was the government like in the Middle Colonies? self-government, little interference from England
The Middle Colonies also made a profit from manufacturing what kind of items? Watches, clocks
What was the economy like in Southern Colonies? cash crops
What cash crops are most important to Southern Colonies? Rice, Indigo, Tobacco
How was life different in the 13 colonies than in New Spain and New France? Answer in complete sentences (repeat question back when answering the question)
Flu, small pox Diseases from OLD WORLD to NEW WORLD
Grains (wheat, rice, oats), coffee bean, lettuce, onion, bananas, oranges, grapes Food from NEW World to OLD World
Turkey, llama, guinea pig Animals from NEW World to OLD World
Pineapples, tomatoes, squash, corn, potatoes, cacao bean, pumpkins Food from OLD WORLD to NEW WORLD
Horses, sheep, chickens, cows, pigs Animals from OLD WORLD to NEW WORLD
Measles, polio Diseases from NEW World to OLD World
What was the motivation for Spanish explorers and French explorers? Money! Looking for gold
What area did Spain explore? South and Southeastern parts of North America.
What type of economics did New Spain practice? Mercantilism (where the mother country tried to gain as much gold as possible through the colonies)
Did the colonists in New Spain use natural resources? YES
What religion did New Spain practice? Roman catholic. And they tried to convert native americans.
Where did the French settle in the new world? In Quebec and along the Mississippi River
How did the colonists in New France make money? fur trade with native americans to sell fur to Europe
What was the government in New France? Monarchy, no self-governing
Why couldn't New France export crops? Short growing season. traded fur instead. They also practiced mercantilism
Did New France use natural resources? Yes
What was the religion in New France? Roman catholic. They also converted native americans.
Where did colonists FIRST settle? Jamestown, Virginia 1607. (This was the New England Colonies)
Why did the pilgrims come to colonize? They wanted religious freedom
What caused the pilgrims to leave England? King Henry VIII created new church, Church of England, and said everyone had to follow it.
What was the name of the ship the pilgrims sailed to the New World on? Mayflower
How many pilgrims were on the Mayflower? 100
Where did the Mayflower land? Plymouth Rock
The pilgrims faced cold and disease and half of them died in the first three months. The native Americans in the area helped the pilgrims and they celebrated the first thanksgiving together
Why didn't the Puritans suffer as much when they arrived in the new world? They learned lessons from other early settlers and brought 15 ships with food and animals with them.
Puritan towns were carefully planned. Big meeting house in the center of town for church and meetings. Believed education was important.
Government for the Puritan was the same as the middle and southern colonies. What was it? Self-governing with little interference from England.
The Puritans and Pilgrims were both in the New England colonies.
What area was known as the Breadbasket? Middle colonies. Grew wheat, barley, rye
What was the government of the Middle Colonies? Self-governing with little interference from England.
What states were the Southern Colonies? Georgia, SC, NC, Virginia, Maryland
Used plantations and cheap labor to grow what cash crop? Rice, Indigo, Tobacco
The Southern Colonies had religious freedom, but were more concerned with making money
What was the government of the Southern Colonies? Self-governing with little interference from England.
How were New Spain/New France different from 13 colonies? Colonies made rules for themselves; Spain/France had monarchy. Colonies had religious freedom, Spain/France did not have religious freedom.

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