Unit B Science

Term Definition
force A push or pull. A force can cause an object to move, stop, or change direction.
gravity A force that pulls objects toward the earth.
heat A form of energy used to change matter.
lens A piece of transparent glass or plastic that is curved and bends light.
motion When something is moving and changes position.
natural resources A material found in nature that people use.
shadow A dark shape formed when an object blocks light.
light A form of energy that you can see. It travels in a straight line.
reflect To bounce off of. A mirror reflects light.
opaque No light can pass through this covering.
translucent A small amount of light passes through this covering.
transparent A lot of light passes through this covering to clearing see the object inside or behind it.
pitch How high or low a sound is.
speed How fast and object moves.
sound Waves of vibration that move through the air that you can hear.
vibrations Fast motion back and forth.
volume The loudness of a sound.

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