Term Definition
Constitution What is a written plan of government called?
Representative democracy What type of government has elected representatives govern for the people?
Federalism What is the term for sharing the power between the national and state governments?
Treaty What is the term for an agreement made between nations?
amendments An addition or change to a constitution is known as an
compromise What is the term for a settlement of a dispute where each side gives up some demands
Bicameral A legislative body made up of two parts is called
Republic What is another name for a representative democracy
Monarchy What is the type of government where a king or queen has ultimate authority
Checks and balances What is the system called where each branch of government has power over the others, which keeps any one branch from becoming too powerful
Ratify What word mean to approve or accept a law
Imbeach to charge a public official with crime is known as?
Bill A proposal for a law is known as a?
democracy What type of government has decisions made by all the people?
territory Land that is part of a country but not yet a state is called a ?
veto What word means to reject, as in a bill passed by congress
confederation A loose organization or league of state is called a?
Separation of power Dividing government into branches each with defined duties is called
inflamation What is the term for when there are increased prices for good and services combined with a reduced value of money
taxes How do citizens pay for services that government provide

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