Vocabulary 1

Term Definition
beleaguered adjective- filled with difficulties, troubled
demur- (demurred) verb- to object, hesitate, disagree
derail verb- to block something from it's intended purpose, to except, or block
grotesque adjective- ugly, distorted, hideous
imprudent adjective- foolish, dumb
magnanimous adjective- generous
placate verb- to make someone less angry
pusillanimous adjective- timid
sanguine adjective- positive or optimistic
tranquility noun- calmness
detonate verb- to explode or burst
flabbergasted adjective- amazed or astonished
incredulous adjective- unconvinced, disbelieving
Meticulous Adjective- carefully, thoughtfully
Mundane Adjective- boring, ordinary, everyday
Perfidy Noun- untrustworthiness
Requisition Noun- an order or demand
Resolutely Adverb- in a determined way
Spurious Adjective- false or fake phony
Strife Noun-bitter disagreement
Abundance Noun- quantity or amount of something
Agog Adjective- eager, anxious
Ambiguity Noun- a state of not being exact
Austere Adjective- strict, or ferm
Discombobulated Adjective- confused, not sure
Harbinger Noun- something that warns or signals the approach of something else
Inconspicuous Adjective- unnoticeable, vague
Loiter Verb- to waste time or stall
Niche Noun- a shallow recess used to display something, a slot or container
Traipse Verb- to walk or move slowly, to lag
Boisterous adjective-loud, noisy
Chutzpah noun-nerve
embezzle verb- to steal
guile noun- sly or cunning intelligence
livid adjective- furiously angry
ominous adjective- threatening
ajar adjective- partly opened
perpetuate verb- to carry out
ponderous adjective- dull
virtue noun- behavior showing high, moral standards
admonish verb- to warn
affable adjective- friendly
apt adjective- suitable
boondoggle noun- a waste of time
dubious adjective- doubtful
encompass verb- to surround
fortuitous adjective- lucky
piteous adjective- pathetic
rancid adjective- rotten
tedious adjective- too dull and long

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