Wordly Wise 8 L4

Question Answer
abhor (Verb) to shrink from in disgust; to detest(Adj) Disgusting; causing loathing (abhorrent)
affable (adj) pleasant; approachable; gracious(Noun) friendliness of manner
amiss (adj) in a wrong or imperfect way(adj) out of order; wrong
despondent (adj) depressed from loss of hope or confidence; utterly discouraged
entreat (verb) to ask earnestly; to beg
etnreaty (noun) a plea or earnest request
haunt 1.to stay in one's mind continually2. to visit frequently3. to appear in the form of a ghost
impel (verb) 1. to drive or to propel2. to urge or drive by force or moral pressure
interminable (adj) endless; seeing to be without end
irascible (adj) quick-tempered; irritable
profound (adj)1. intense; deeply felt2. having understanding or knowledge that goes beneath the surface; beyond the obvious
recluse (noun) 1. a person who lives apart from society and often alone
reclusive (adj) withdrawn from society
reverberate (v) to be repeated as in a series of echoes or vibrations.
sage (a

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